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It’s the holiday season and HCM will be doing a holiday series for this period. In today’s journal update, I’ll be writing on one of the most important lessons I learnt this year, SPEAKING KIND WORDS.

”Kind words does not cost much yet they accomplish much”

I met an amazing friend at my new place of work and from the first time we talked, we really vibed together. One talk led to the other and we got talking about appreciating our body features, she told me how she thinks she’s too fat, she doesn’t like her round face and how she once overheard someone called her ugly but what I was looking at was Abba’s perfect design and from our further discussion, I realized that if we had been told kinder and more beautiful words or compliments maybe we would have loved ourselves more and our self esteem wouldn’t have gotten that low.

As a girl with the slim figure, I get a lot of ‘when are you going to get fat’? some even hold my hands and look at me pitifully and say girl, you are thin… Hello, I have mirrors in my room and I know that I’m not fat but I’m not underweight either which means I’m healthy so excuse me, keep your opinion in your shoes.

These words have made me tried to be fatter and I went as far as living on unhealthy foods but I wasn’t getting any fatter then I decided to intentionally love myself the way I am and take care of myself by living healthily. It hasn’t been an easy journey but I’m glad I’m on it, I’ve learnt a lot especially on saying kind words to myself and others. I hope you do the same for yourself and help others love themselves

Challenge yourself to always say nice and beautiful things about yourself and others and when you notice something wrong with a friend, ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom to say the right words at that time.

Words are powerful, they can make or damage a person. Be more sensitive with words, give compliments, let your words bring life and healing to souls.

Careless words stabs like a sword but the words of the wise people brings healing- Proverbs 12:18

Kind words are not just limited to appreciating body features, encourage that struggling friend, appreciate that special person, lift people up with your words, be mindful of the words you say to people when you are hurt. Pray for others.

The words of the godly encourage many but fools are destroyed by their lack of common sense- Proverbs 10:21

Do not be part of the pain of people. God is merciful and as His child, you should imitate His character.

It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice

photo from hiscreativemiracle




You are made in God's image, you are His perfect work of art, His masterpiece. You are enough and you should revel in the glory of your design. Hi, I'm Esther.

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You are made in God's image, you are His perfect work of art, His masterpiece. You are enough and you should revel in the glory of your design. Hi, I'm Esther.

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